Workplace Intervention Procedures


In these situations, workplace interventions are necessary since the addicted person may exhibit instability and even erratic behavior. For the sake of the other employees’ safety, it makes sense that this type of behavior is not accepted. To ensure that the intervention is as effective as possible, the interventionist would probably adhere to a model for workplace interventions. Making contact with an interventionist is the first step in preparing an intervention.

Interventionist: An Important Part

To help ensure that the meeting doesn’t go south, a qualified interventionist will be a part of the team. The atmosphere at the gathering will be one of love, support, and care. It’s crucial to select the intervention participants carefully because every person who takes part will have a significant impact leading to alcohol withdrawal. The first stage is often to assemble a group of people that the person respects and trusts to deliver the message of concern.


When developing a plan to demonstrate to the addict how much love and support they have during this trying time, communication with the intervention team is crucial. While the person struggling could get defensive and ashamed of their behaviors, it is crucial to convey a positive message of we love you, we care, and we want to see you healthy again.

Practice is the key to maintaining the vibe of the atmosphere

The intervention team will be required to draught a letter and practice what they will read to the subject because these letters must generally convey the following message:

  • The acceptance of love
  • And how the chemical is adversely affecting their health.
  • The extent of their commitment to providing for the person’s recovery. (calls, meeting with the addict, offering a shoulder to cry on.)
  • How the individual’s potential and future will be better off without the substance.

The interventionist should conduct the meeting while it is held in a secure or neutral venue. The interventionist will defuse unpleasant behavior during the sharing of each person’s letter.

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