What Are Subsea Operations?


Subsea operations are a key component in the economy and make life easier for all kinds of people. These operations extract oil and gas from reserves under the seabed, explore the ocean floor to discover new forms of life and connect communication between continents. The expenses and uses of these industries are both vast and can make starting out in a related business challenging.


The definition of subsea operations is anything that takes place on or under the ocean floor. This can include communication cable maintenance and installation, oil and gas extraction and scientific investigation. To operate these types of operations, you will need the right equipment and support services like subsea landing string services which help install and maintain the jointed pipes designed to run cables and strings from the ocean floor to surface platforms. Determining which type of subsea industry you want to go into is the first step to getting everything you need to succeed.


The main use of subsea operations is the extraction of oil and gas reserves to fuel everything from electrical plants to motor vehicles, equipment for this purpose can be found through suppliers like PRT Offshore. Scientific exploration operations on and under the ocean floor will use some of the same equipment but also use remotely operated vehicles as well as satellite imaging. Cables can be stretched along the ocean floor to facilitate quick communications between continents with the use of many types of equipment. Since each different subsea industry needs specialized equipment, knowing which suppliers have good reputations is key.


To get started in a subsea operation you will need equipment designed to handle the pressures and temperatures found on the ocean floor as well as the water and sea life. For the oil and gas industry, you will also need drilling and extracting equipment, surface rigs and refinery equipment which is designed for use on and under the water. Most of this equipment has been evolving over the years to be less expensive to produce and maintain with greater durability.

When getting started in subsea operations it is useful to know which industry you are most interested in to ensure that you get the right equipment and permissions. You can find specialized units designed to explore, drill or build at the ocean floor which are hardened against water damage as well as the pressures and temperatures commonly found in that environment.

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