A Complete Guide On Melanotan 2 And How To Use Melanotan 2 Injections


Melanotan 2 is a chemical drug that resembles function of a human hormone. It is not to be confused with melatonin that regulates the sleep-wake cycle in the human body. The best way to inject Melanotan 2 into the body is by using Melanotan 2 injections. Injections are a quicker way to help drugs reach the target area, it supplies less pain to the person being injected on and also the efficiency of an injection is said to be more than that of tablets.

Melanotan2 Benefits

  • It can help generate erections in men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction when given as an injection shot under the skin. It can help boost their confidence and help with fertility.
  • It can help in skin tanning. Using skin tanner machines that can be dangerous for humans, a single shot can keep skin darkened for a longer time.
  • It is though not proven completely but it can help prevent skin cancer. With proper and prescribed doses, it may be able to cure skin cancer.

How To Use The Melanotan2 Injections

Using the melanotan 2 injections involves 2 different processes:

Mixing the solution

  • The first and foremost thing is to pull off the lid of the vial i.e. small glass containers that store the chemical.
  • Take the injection and pull it back while placing it in water so as to collect 1 ml of water. People include a quarter more to reduce the side effects.
  • Plug in the injection needle into the center of the vial and push the water into the container.
  • Shake the container well and store it for the time of use. Store the vial in a cool place like refrigerators.

Injecting the solution

  • Hold the Melanotan vial straight while pulling the drug in the injection. Make sure every little drop is taken in for minimum wastage.
  • The air bubbles should not be present in the injected liquid. Once done, remove the needle from the vial.
  • Pinch the area that is to be injected by the injection. Holding the melanotan 2 injection at 90 degree, unload the injection by pushing the plunger and withdraw the injection slowly.

Every medicine has a dosage. If not taken according to it can lead to disasters. Choose the right dosage of Melanotan 2to keep away from side effects and blunders.

Although chemical injections and tablets may seem interesting things and may promise to cure issues that you may be going through, it is very important to go through all its effects on body. As every human body is formed different, it is best to consult a doctor before starting to use any new medications

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