Ways to ensure you Recover Faster from Shoulder Surgery


Shoulder problems are painful. When you cannot move your hand over h head or experience extreme pain while doing it, you may need to get treatment. Also, you may find that you experience shoulder dislocation more often, or the joints make a cracking sound when you move the shoulders.

Having such problems may be due to injuries like falling or wear and tear due to movement. You will find it challenging to undertake everyday activities like bathing and doing home chores in such a situation. You will need to undergo shoulder surgery to treat the problem. However, there are certain things you will need to do to ensure the recovery is fast. Doing the right things post-surgery will help you get back to your normal activities like sports, workouts, and driving as soon as possible.

Tips to Faster Recovery

Below are ways you can ensure that you recover faster from shoulder surgery;

Use the Sling

A sling helps limit the shoulder from moving while you are walking or undertaking other activities. So, you should wear them to protect the arm from further damage or hindering fast recovery. The duration of wearing the sling dependson the procedures, and the surgeon can advise on the timelines. A sling will limit the arm movement at the shoulder joint, but the fingers and wrist can move freely.


The recovery process entails physical therapy to train the shoulder for its functioning. It gears towards making the shoulder stronger and flexible and improving its movement as you heal. Treatment starts with less intensive exercises and progresses with time. It is mandatory to have a qualified therapist undertake shoulder therapy. However, the surgeon can advise or show you activities you can do by yourself.

Therapy helps with faster recovery and enables you to get back to normal activities soon.

With draw from Pain Medications Early

A surgeon will prescribe pain medications for the discomfort a patient feels after the procedure. However, the medicines can hinder recovery as they will hide the pain during therapy. You will think that you are healing, but it will be the medicines hiding the pain. So, it would help if you withdraw from the pain medications early to aid your quick recovery.

The pain relievers can make you engage in intensive exercises during therapy which will harm your shoulder and have a setback in the recovery process. You will better know your condition toward recovering when you do not use pain medications.

Limit the Arm Movements

Trying to undertake activities that involve moving the arms after a shoulder surgery will hinder fast recovery. Therefore, you should avoid moving the affected arm to the sides, above or behind the head. Also, you should not do any form of lifting or put weight on the shoulder. Still, you should sleep on the opposite side and have pillows to make it more comfortable or cushion you from injuring the affected shoulder when sleeping.


Rushing the recovery will not help. You need to be patient throughout the process and follow the surgeon’s or therapist’s recommendations. The professionals can assess your shoulder to tell you if you are ready to return to normal activities.

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