Teeth Health: Remedy For Tooth Decay


Usually people choose to install dentures to replace missing or missing teeth . However, now you can use other dental treatments, namely dental implants. What are dental implants? Is it safe to do? Check out the answer here.

Dental implants are titanium screws that are implanted in the jaw of a tooth to replace the root of a lost tooth and hold the replacement tooth to replace the part of the tooth root. Titanium and other materials are compatible with the human body.

Implants are posts that are surgically attached to the upper or lower jaw, where they serve as a solid anchor. So, you could say dental implants are implanted teeth. Implants made in the upper or lower jawbone will then be fused to the bone after a few months.

Dental caries or tooth decay is one of the most popular tooth problems caused by bacteria in the mouth. The worst thing an aching tooth can do is keep you up all night. If your tooth has a hole in it, you should see a dentist. Here are some remedies you can consider for your tooth.


After a long night in the dark whizzing in pain, the first thing you will probably want is the removal of your tooth. You can visit the dentist and consult for a tooth removal section. The tooth removal procedure is painless and lasts for at most 30 minutes. After tooth extraction, you can consult your doctor on all on 4 tooth implants. Implants help you cover the gaps in the teeth.

Tooth Filling

If the decay has not damaged the root holding the crown extensively, the dentist may recommend a tooth filling. It involves covering the crown with a filler of the same minerals as the crown. Proper tooth cleaning is done to remove bacteria from causing more decay after the process.


It involves removing the damaged crown and replacing it with an artificial crown. The dentists perform minor surgery on the crown without hurting the root. Tooth crowning is a good option for less extensive decay.

Root Canal And Filling

You may also opt for a root canal. It involves the medical treatment of nerves damaged during decay. After the root and the nerves in the tooth are healed, the dentist fills the tooth. Your doctor may advise fluoride treatment to keep your crown healthy. Ensure you follow all instructions to prevent the decay from recurring.

See a dentist regularly to ensure any decays on the tooth are noted on time to save you from expensive tooth treatment procedures. Also, remember to take good care of your teeth to avoid tooth decay.


Most dental implant surgeries are successful, but there are also conditions when the bone fails to fuse with the implant. One of the reasons for this is smoking , which can lead to implant failure and complications.

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