Most Common Causes of Leaky Pipes


There is no denying the fact that Americans are dissatisfied with the quality of their water provision. This is thereason so many are buying, in large quantities, all sorts of alternative water products ranging from filtered water to mineral water and hydrogen water to purified water.

All these water products provide additional health benefits, but it would be more accurate to say that what really drives the interest is that much municipal water in this country actually “offer” health dangers. Everything from heavy metal contamination to the presence of bad bacteria and from lead poisoning to water that is just too hard to be used effectively for washing.

Alternative waterproduct companies such as Synergy Science typically report that this is indeed what drives interest in their products. But let’s take a step back and from the water coming out of the faucet and consider what it is that causes so much municipal water to be so substandard. Here we can identify two distinct categories – the quality of the water source, and the quality of the plumbing.

For substandard water, you can invest in water filters or seek a different water source altogether, whether that be alternative water products or something like an outdoor well. If the problem lies with the plumbing, it can be a bit more difficult to deal with. This means that all water entering your home is being compromised in some way.

Perhaps leaks are the one thing you can maybe do something about for relatively little expense. This is of no use to you at all if the pipes themselves are the problem, but it is wise to know what you can fix.

Most Common Causes

The reason leaky pipes are of interest to anyonewho wants to understand the poor provision of municipal water in thiscountry is that the causes for leaky pipes are manifold. There are many reasons why your pipes could be leaking, and they seem to span the gamut of water issues that all households in the country face.

Here follows some of the most common but bear in mind that these areby no meansthe only reasons you could spring a leak:

Broken Seal

The plumbing network is not comprised entirely of metal; around every connection there is usually a rubber seal. When one of these breaks (and rubber can wear away far more easily than metal) then you will have a leak.

Clogged Lines

A clog can obstruct the water flow, but it can also contaminate the water if what is clogging the pipes is something which can make it into the water, in small quantities, itself. This is another reason leaks can mean undrinkable water.


Corrosion can occur in your pipes when rust begins to form, or a corrosive substance starts to build up.The evidence of this is a leak, but it can also mean that the corrosive substance is now contaminating your water. Orit could be that the corrosive substance is in the water supply, which is another example of leaks being evidence of bad municipal water.

Underground Movements

A tree growing, flooding, even small earth tremors – all of these can disrupt your plumbing as it runs underground. This in turn can cause damage and leaks and, eventually, contamination.

As you can see, leaky pipes are not just a plumbing issue – it is evidence that the water supply itself may be substandard, and it can mean that your plumbing is contaminating the water you drink. Pay attention to such leaks, repair them where you can but never forget these deeper issues.

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