How can a psychiatrist help with mental health problems?


Mental disorders widely affect your mood, your thinking and behaviour, which in turn affects your lifestyle pushing you to addictive behaviours. People do have mental health issues from time to time but it becomes an illness when your ability to function gets disrupted. Such symptoms can make your life miserable and could be a serious threat to your life. To help you overcome such a situation, visiting a psychiatrist is paramount.

Who is a psychiatrist?

Psychiatrists are doctor’s expert in mental health. They specialise in diagnosing and treating people who are suffering from mental illness.

Psychiatrists have a very deep understanding of a person’s mental and physical health, and how the mental and physical condition can affect each other. They treat people suffering from mental health conditions such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression, eating disorders and addiction.

What does a psychiatrist do?

Psychiatrists assess all of your mental and physical symptoms. After analysing your mental and physical condition they prepare a thorough diagnosis report and plan a way for recovery such as providing psychological treatment, along with medications and procedures like RTMS or electroconvulsive therapy.

Apart from these, a psychiatrist can also:

Provide help for sudden mental illness help you in taking care of a prolonged mental health condition provide lifestyle changes suggestions Help you individually with your mental condition, or along with your partner or other family members Be helpful in providing a second opinion and giving advice to other health professionals and doctors. Be helpful in referring you to some other health professionals or doctor admit you to the hospital depending upon your condition

How can a psychiatrist help?

A psychiatrist can be of great help if a person suffers from few of the below conditions.

Person suffering from suicidal tendency Not able to diagnose the exact problem for any illness Medication for that particular disease isn’t working as expected Some disease is critical and only a psychiatrist can help deal with it

Where can you find the best psychiatrist in India?

Nowadays, the majority of people are open about their mental health issues in India. They are comfortable in consulting a psychiatrist and talking about it from their heart. Some of the states in India are known for experienced doctors and well maintained hospitals. One such state is Kerala. If you are near Kerala and want help with a mental health issue that you are growing through, it is easy to book an appointment with the best psychiatrist in Kerala. It takes only a few minutes to do this. It is always recommended to share thoughts and concerns to ease the on-going stress with the doctor.

Generally, if the symptoms are not aggravated and the condition can be subsidized with just a counselling stage, you can consider booking for a renowned psychiatrist online.

The right time to deal with a situation is a must.

Some of the reasons why you might need to consult a psychiatrist:

Having extreme stress or unable to adjust to present lifestyle

Suffers from fear or anxiety

Suffering from prolonged depression or low mood

Having suicidal tendency

Having thoughts to hurt someone

Hurting self on purpose

Experiencing extreme energy and unable to sleep

Experiencing negative thoughts at all times

Feeling obsessed

Feeling edgy

Having a feeling as if someone wants to harm you

Hallucinating about seeing things around

Having delusions

Experiencing disjointed thoughts

Doing excessive drugs and alcohol

Addiction towards games or gambling

Eating too much or too little

Having memory related issues

Symptoms of violence or outburst

Suffering from insomnia

Problem of poor concentration or lacking focus

Some childhood problems like autism or childhood anxiety


In order to determine a complete diagnosis and to check for related complications, you may have:

A physical examination.Your doctor will try to rule out physical problems that may cause your symptoms in this process. This could be diagnosed by talking to your previous doctor or checking your medical history.

Lab tests.Lab tests are done to check if you are suffering from thyroid problems or the influence of drugs and alcohol in your blood.

A psychological evaluation.A doctor or mental health professional talks to you about your feelings and symptoms and analyzes your behaviour patterns in this process. Your psychiatrist may even ask you to fill out a questionnaire to help answer these sets of questions. At times, there are few sessions conducted with the patient’s family to understand if any family issues have triggered the mental health disorder problem.

Determining which mental illness, you have:

Sometimes it’s very difficult to analyse which mental illness is the root cause of your symptoms, but getting the proper and accurate diagnosis helps determine the appropriate treatment. The more information you have about your mental health condition, the more helpful it will be for your mental health professional in understanding what your symptoms may represent.

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