Everything to Know About Dental Implants


If you have lost one or more teeth, you are probably interested in having them replaced as soon as possible. A break in a smile is never pleasant, and it can be tempting to choose the fastest solution, which can be a prosthesis or bridge. If speed is a factor, you may not even have considered dental implants, as this treatment takes several months. However, there are many reasons why you should consider this option, as while it will take a little longer, we think it is worth the extra effort.

Why does dental implantation take longer?

A dental implant is a method of artificially replacing the root of a natural tooth using a titanium alloy screw that is inserted into the jaw. Once installed, the screw or pin must be integrated into the jaw and this is a process that cannot be rushed. During integration, new bone cells will grow on and around the post, holding it securely in place so that it becomes part of the jaw. It is a process that can take three months or more, but the end results can be truly remarkable.

What makes dental implants the best solution?

There are several main reasons dental implants are a great option, and the first is related to the health of your jaw. Unlike other options where the replacement teeth simply rest on the gums, the implant teeth rest on the implant posts, so every time you bite, the forces generated are transmitted directly through the implant post and the surrounding bone. This is important as it helps maintain healthy and strong bones by preventing resorption that occurs naturally after tooth roots are removed. When jaw loss occurs, it affects the stability of the remaining teeth and the dimensions between the upper and lower jaw, creating the kind of compressed jaw that is so common in full denture users.

┬áImplantology has undergone a great evolution over the past decades. Today’s dental implants Singapore are made from durable materials that last a long time. Most manufacturers offer a guarantee, so there are practically no financial risks. After the procedure, patients can easily avoid complications by strictly following the dentist’s instructions.

In conclusion, whether you decide to take dental implants abroad or not, you should know everything that this implies. If you are opting for dental implants singapore, the first thing to do is to contact a company that specializes in medical tourism. They have the necessary experience and qualifications to help you with everything you need throughout the entire process.

Then it feels like you have teeth that look and feel like yours. Implant-supported teeth are surprisingly strong and stable, so you can eat and chew without worrying about your teeth moving or not being able to handle the forces of the meal.

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