All you need to know about Ostarine MK-2866


Also called MK-2866 is used by fitness enthusiasts and athletes to boost their stamina and physical fitness.

  • The drug has shown amazing results in enhancing muscle gain and bone density.
  • It has been tested and shown effective clinical testing results.

Ostarine has been a game-changer in the market to treat diseases which cause muscle decline like AIDS and Cancer as it helps in stable muscle growth and doesn’t let muscles decrease because of chemotherapy.

  • Ostarine is an amazing SARMs. It is the second SARMs gen and it lowers muscle wasting. It also helps in growth of lean muscle mass and renders right strength and endurance to athletes and bodybuilders.

There aren’t any known side effects of this SARM. Different bodybuilders use it in different dosage and cycle and have different reviews.

Who all can use it?

  • People looking for weight loss can definitely go for it as it works as an efficient weight loss agent and adds to your lean muscles.
  • People who have loss of muscle because of aging and want to regain muscles.
  • People who have specific muscular disorders or muscle weakness can use it.
  • People suffering from diseases like AIDS and Cancer can use it as there is a big muscle loss in these diseases.

Development of SARMs

SARMs were developed to deal with muscle degradation during chemotherapy or AIDS. It worked like a magical medication to lower muscle reduction and kept the body weight intact.

It adds strength to your bone and boosts bone density. It is not illegal to use. It is believed that SARMs will change the market as it is not marked as steroids.

  • The pros of Ostarine includes that it can easily get absorbed by the body. Hence, you see quick results.
  • It also lowers bad cholesterol present in your body.
  • It is used by weight lifters and athletes to boost their strength and lean muscle mass which adds to their overall stamina and strength.
  • It stimulates androgen receptors and enhances testosterone levels in your body.
  • It doesn’t have side effects on other organs and tissues as it majorly focuses on muscle and bones.

Testosterone gets converted to Estradiol and doesn’t get reversed. Hence, you gain fat and muscle recovery is low. Ostarine rectifies it as it accelerates muscle growth but doesn’t get converted to estrogen.

How does Ostarine work?

It helps in the restoration of muscle mass. It activates stem cells which enhance muscle regeneration which eventually causes speedy recovery from any kind muscle injury. It also increases strength and muscle growth by enhancing insulin-like growth factor.

It combines with the androgen receptors to produce muscle. It is recommended for usage for fitness enthusiasts but illegal in the sports industry.

Safe Dosage

Usually safe dosage for Ostarine is around 3mg per day, but companies recommend to use around 15-20 mg per day.

You can ask your dietician about the safe dosage for according to your goals, food intake, exercise regime and preference. Make sure you don’t overdose it.

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