Dr. David Crawford Provides An Insight On Arthroscopic Hip Surgery


Hip arthroscopy is a type of surgical procedure that enables the doctors to efficiently view the hip joint without making any kind of large cut or incision through the skin, as well as other soft tissues. Dr. David Crawford mentions that this procedure is used for the purpose of diagnosing and treating a number of hip related problems. David Crawford is an orthopedic surgery specialist. He specializes in orthopedic surgery and largely practices in the region of New Albany, OH.

Dr. David Crawford talks about the process of arthroscopic hip surgery

Arthroscopic hip surgery has been performed for several years; it, however, is not as common as shoulder or knee replacement arthroscopy. According to Dr. David Crawford, in this procedure the relevant surgeon inserts a small camera into the hip joint. This camera is referred to as the arthroscope and it tends to display pictures on a video monitor. These images are then used by the surgeon to guide the miniature surgical instruments. Dr. Crawford himself is highly experienced in carrying out arthroscopic hip surgeries.  He largely specializes in minimally invasive and outpatient joint replacement. David Crawford grew up in Columbus, Ohio and went on to complete his residency at Madigan Army Medical Center. In his long career, Crawford has had the incredible privilege to of being the orthopedic surgeon to the 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, as well as the Army’s elite 5th Special Forces group.

The rewarding and remarkable career of Dr. David Crawford makes him the perfect candidate to talk about the subject of arthroscopic hip surgery. He mentions that doctors typically recommend patients to go for an arthroscopic hip surgery in case they are dealing with a painful condition that is not adequately responding to nonsurgical treatment options. The nonsurgical treatment can include medications, rest, physical therapy, as well as certain injections that have the capacity to reduce inflammation.

The procedure of hip arthroscopy may provide the much needed relief to people who are dealing with the symptoms of problems that can damage their cartilage, articular, labrum, as well as any of the other soft tissues that surround the joint. While in most cases such damage arises due to an injury, in certain cases distinct orthopaedic conditions may also lead to such problems, femoroacetabular impingement (FAI) being one of them. This basically is a disorder when an extra bone develops in the femoral head or the acetabulum. This type of bone overgrowth ultimately damages the soft tissues of the hip during any movement. Hip arthroscopy is also recommended for people dealing with dysplasia. This is a type of condition where the hip socket of a person tends to be abnormally shallow. As a result, superior stress is put on the labrum in order to keep the femoral head within the socket. This condition thereby makes the labrum highly susceptible to tearing. Being an orthopedic surgery specialist, Dr. David Crawford can help people to deal with such problems.

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