Cost of Blepharoplasty – An Insight into Procedure and Costs


Blepharoplasty is a surgical procedure that arrests droopy eyelids and involves the removal of excess skin., fat, and muscle from the region. With age, the eyelids of an individual stretch and the muscles that support them become weak. This results in excess fat collecting above and below the eyelids, causing the eyebrows to sag. With time, a person develops bags under the eyes, and the upper eyelids droop.

Cost of Blepharoplasty – How much should you expect?

One should also note that besides making a person look older if the skin around the eye area sags, it reduces the peripheral vision of the person. You will face side vision issues, especially in the outer and upper part of the eyes. With the help of Blepharoplasty surgery, you effectively are able to eliminate these issues and make your eyes appear alert and younger.

How much does it cost on average?

The cost of Blepharoplasty generally depends upon whether both upper and lower eyelids need to be addressed. It fluctuates between patients, and for a complete procedure involving both the eyelids, one generally needs to spend about $5,500 to $8000 on an average. The costs might be less or more depending upon the severity of the condition and the physical health of the person interested in undergoing a Blepharoplasty surgery.

Will you be eligible for insurance coverage for the surgery?

Most of the time, individuals are eligible for insurance cover for Blepharoplasty when the condition they suffer from impairs vision. Experts state that if you wish to undergo the above surgery merely for improving your appearance, you will not be covered by insurance. Most of the time, Blepharoplasty for the lower eyelid is done for cosmetic reasons.

Preparing for the surgery – 2 factors to consider

Before you prepare for the surgery, you need to meet a good plastic surgeon and an ophthalmologist or eye specialist. You may also consult a plastic surgeon that specializes in the area of eye surgeries for discussion. One should always discuss the following points before undergoing surgery-

  1. The medical history of the individual- The surgeon will ask you questions about any surgeries you might have had in the past or whether you have any present health conditions like allergies, glaucoma, dry eyes, diabetes, thyroid issues, and problems with blood circulation. The doctor will also ask you whether you are taking herbal supplements, medications, vitamins, tobacco, or any kind of medication.
  2. Expectations- It is prudent for you to have an honest and open discussion about the surgery with the healthcare professional so that the outcome is positive. Your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of the procedure with you and decide whether it is good for you or not.

Experts say when it comes to the cost of Blepharoplasty, you should always consult a skilled and experienced surgeon in the field. Talk with professionals and understand the nature of the surgery so that you are prepared emotionally and financially to undergo surgery without tensions at all!

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