Australian Manuka Honey – How It Benefits Our Health


We can always find honey in the kitchen because we always mix it in our food and beverages so that makes it a special or important ingredient and sometimes, we can’t even live without it. Indeed, it is very easy for consumers to get it from the supermarket, though you can find there are different brands, such as Biosota Organics Manuka Honey, and from various manufacturers in Australia. They may all look the same to consumers, but each brand is different when it comes to collection, production, and authenticity.

It would be great if we can get the ones from manuka, which is usually found in New Zealand because it is pure and organic, which means that we can get the finest and the most out of it. By the way, the bees produce this through the flowers or leptospermum scoparium and that makes it different from the other products in the market. Without strong chemicals, preservatives, and other substances mixed, we can greatly enjoy the health benefits, which made it good to serve on every meal.

The antibacterial, antiviral, and anti-inflammatory properties from the methylglyoxal which is an active ingredient found in this substance would be very effective when no added compound is present. Keep in mind that a lot of brands in Australia are available and I supposed they are all good, but we must always choose the most reliable one. That’s why we should make sure that it comes from reliable distributors and with the best quality because we can greatly benefit from eating this every day.

Helps in Healing Wounds

In ancient times, it was also used as a medicinal ingredient not only to treat wounds but also burns, boils, and sores. The FDA in the USA approved manuka honey in 2007 as an alternative in treating wounds since it naturally contains antioxidant and antibacterial properties – visit for more details. Because of this, microbial infections can be prevented, healing can be enhanced, tissue regeneration can be amplified, and pains can be decreased, too.

Applying this will also lead to a reduced healing period due to the disinfection effect and this is great news because we sometimes feel discomfort when healing takes longer than expected. And then, when you are diabetic, the treatment is usually taking long and that is because of your medical condition but through this substance, treatment is more effective. Treating scars with this is also good because you will feel fewer pains.

Promotes Oral Health

It is very important to have healthy gums and teeth, but we cannot also avoid suffering from periodontal disease. So even when we are brushing our teeth and using mouthwash, we can still experience tooth decay or toothaches. This is because of plaque and oral bacteria but we still need to be responsible for our oral health so why not try manuka, honey?

This contains properties that aim at attacking the oral bacteria that harm our teeth and gums, so the good ones will be left. You may think that it is sweet so you may fear cavities, but the antibacterial effect won’t let that happen. Instead, it will help you fight the growth of bacteria that intends to harm your oral health – learn more about this concern.

Soothes your Sore Throat

There are times when we suffer from sore throat because of our daily activities but we can’t allow this to continue since it will give you discomfort, especially when eating solid foods. Let me remind you that manuka honey comes with antibacterial and antiviral properties so it can help in reducing inflammation and pain. Aside from that, this ingredient will also aid in coating the throat’s inner lining and that will give you the best soothing effect.

Some of you may have been suffering from cough, too, so it would be great to drink lukewarm water with this ingredient. After consuming this either in the form of candy or liquid, you will notice that the coughing was suppressed.

Aids in Preventing Gastric Ulcers

It is common to have an illness, such as stomach or gastric ulcer, and this happens due to the formed sores stomach lining, so you feel pains, and experience bloating as well as nausea. This illness may greatly affect our daily lifestyle so we can’t ignore this and take medicines prescribed by a specialist.

However, we also need help from other sources so we may use organic honey produced from manuka, especially when it is associated with excessive consumption of alcohol. The antibacterial property may aid in preventing this illness, but I guess more research must be performed to prove that it can be an effective treatment.

Though symptoms of digestive disorders that are commonly experienced, such as IBS or irritable bowel syndrome that is associated with diarrhea, constipation, irregular bowel movements, and abdominal pains, can be decreased. That is because of the antioxidant property. Therefore, the symptoms can be improved through the regular consumption of manuka honey.

Treats Acne

When you have acne, other people say that you lack sleep, are exposed to dirt, ate oily foods, or are using strong facial soap or cream. I guess we all have different opinions or beliefs regarding someone having acne. So, your first option is to visit a specialist to get the right treatment and don’t ever think about using the same thing just like what your family or friend does because you have different skin types.

You should know that this usually happens due to adolesce or hormonal changes in the body, so it occurs naturally. But it can be due to bacteria, too, so the antimicrobial component of the manuka honey combined with other compounds can help in fighting acne. This means that it helps in the treatment, keeps your skin free from acne, and expedites the process it takes to heal.

Knowing how much it can help you, pretty sure that you will start adding this to your diet plan and just make sure that it is organic. And then, treat your face using a soap containing this special ingredient. In this way, your acne will be treated without any traces left on your skin.

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