3 reasons Pets CBD are safe for your dog


Medical marijuana has become a topic that is popular in almost all big health discussions and debate platforms these days. Many people each day are coming to terms with the realization that the cannabis plant holds some impressive benefits for their health. Cannabis als has some important benefits for pets such as dogs. Nowadays, the treatment of pets with the CBD oils has become a common thing, and this kind of treatment has blown away the minds of many owners. CBD for dogs oils are being administered to these pets using various methods such as CBD pet treats among others. The question that many pet owners are constantly asking is; “Should you consider treating your pets with CBD Oil? The answer to this question will be answered in the article below as you continue to read on.


Before we discuss the reasons why CBD oil is safe for treating your pets, it is important first to understand what CBD Oil is. CBD short for cannabinoids is a type of oil that comes from the cannabis plant which is also known as hemp. Hemp is known to contain over 85 cannabinoids. These cannabinoids are natural substances in nature, and they can impact the immune system of a person or an animal. Your body naturally produces some cannabinoids such as endocannabinoids while other cannabinoids such as phytocannabinoids are taken in the body through food, smoking or even from topical solutions.

Reasons why CBD Oil is safe for your pets

We have now understood what CBD Oil and what it entails. It is about time we now understand whether CBD oils are safe for your dog. Highlighted below are some of the reasons why CBD oil can help your pets.

Treatment of Seizures

There are a lot of pet owners that have dogs that suffer from seizures. Using CBD oil to such pets can make a positive impact on the health of your dog. Studies on dogs reveal that nearly 5 percent of dogs around the world will experience seizures in their lifetime. These type of seizures that most dogs experience in their lifetime are normally treated using strong medications like for example potassium bromide and phenobarbital. The problem with these prescriptions that most veterinary doctors prescribe have some harmful consequences on the liver of the dogs and also other organs. These medications can trigger certain side effects on the dog. These side effects may include; mental confusion, lethargy, and dizziness. The drawback of using these medications to treat seizures is the fact that the pets tend to become more resistant to them over time.

Unlike the medications mentioned above, CBD oil, in contrast, is a much better substance to use when managing animal or even human seizures. Studies conducted on the usage of CBD oil to treat seizures revealed that dogs and also patients who used the oil improved in their health within four to five months of treatment. Other studies conducted on the benefits of CBD oil, showed that the Oils can treat seizures that are considered to resist the traditional approaches.

Treats Arthritis

Use of CBD Oil has proved to treat arthritis in dogs and also on humans. Arthritis is usually an inflammation that is common in joints. Arthritis can be severe to dogs especially dogs that are aging. This is because the diseases make the cartilage that is used to make the joint surfaces of the dog move with little friction to be damaged. When the cartilages are damaged, they increase the friction of joints, and this causes pain and a lot of swelling. CBD oil has been known to be a natural pain reliever. If your dog has arthritis, then CBD Oil will help reduce the pain on the pet by arthritis. CBD Oil also has the abilities to relieve chronic inflammation.

Nausea & Appetite

The Cannabis oil is also used to help pets that had stopped eating to regain their appetite back. The National Cancer Institute noted that the CBD Oil products increased the appetite in animals that were given the CBD oil products.  If your dog has Nausea and vomits a lot, then the CBD Oil products will help reduce these complications and help the pet to recover back to normal hence increasing the body nourishment of the animal.

Slowing down of Tumor Growth

Some of the dangerous things that are common in pets include; malicious tumors and cancer.  These complications are fatal in the lifespan of a pet especially dogs. Up to date, there is no cure for the cure for cancer; scientists are always looking and searching for the cure for this deadly disease. What the scientists in the previous past have come up with are treatments that focus mainly on the slowing down of cancer tumor growth. The treatments that have been used in the last couple of decade are also known to reduce pain and other symptoms. CBD oil products, when used to dogs that have tumors or have diseases such as cancer, has the capabilities of slowing down the cancer growth tumors. The oil also reduces the pain that the pets have when having cancer diseases.

Treatment of Diabetes

CBD oil has other useful benefits in the health of pets such as dogs. The Oil that is now becoming popular has the capabilities of preventing dog diseases such as diabetes. A research conducted on CBD oil revealed that the oil can actually reduce inflammations in the body of a canine pet and also improve the metabolism of the animal. Improvement of the metabolism of the dog will help the body system of the animal in sugar absorption.  The oil is beneficial to the health of a dog because it is also known to prevent some of the common complications of diabetes. Some of the common complications that are associated with diabetes include; blindness ad atherosclerosis.

Protection of the nervous system

Dogs that have degenerative myelopathy may be treated by using CBD oil products. Myelopathy is a type of inflammatory autoimmune disease that is known to cause paralysis. Studies have shown that CBD will help dogs that have these complications.

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