Where Can Terminally Ill Cancer Patients Receive The Best Care?


When a loved one contracts cancer, especially if they are in their later years, the possibility of them not recovering is very real.

The question of where best to take care of an aging parent is traumatic for both the parent and their children. No one wants to leave a critically ill patient who is unlikely to recover, in the care of anyone but the best. So what are your options and how can you be sure that the palliative care facility that will care for the terminally ill cancer patient will look after them to the same high standard that you would yourself?

Hospice Care

The number one facility for cancer patients nearing the end of their lives is hospice care. At the hospice, the team of doctors and nurses are geared towards providing the most comfortable surroundings and care, maximizing comfort for the patient who is nearing death.

They do this by providing everything that is needed to reduce pain and suffering, allowing the patient to enjoy as pain-free a time as is humanly possible. By reducing pain and suffering and maximizing the spiritual and emotional wellbeing of their patients, the hospice provides a restful and peaceful place for the patient and their family in the final days and hours of the patient’s life.

Lack of Facilities in Rural Areas

While cancer patients are very well catered for in most cities across the USA, the same cannot be said for the more rural areas. Lack of funding and access to resources means that outside of the larger urban areas, palliative care is sometimes hard to find.

Home Care

An alternative to hospice care is to engage an agency that provides appropriately trained nursing staff who can take of the patient at home. This option can be expensive as equipment usually needs to be bought or hired to ensure that the necessary level of care is achieved.

It is the preferred option for many patients as they are happier to pass on in the familiar surroundings of their homes. This option is also a way for family members to be close to their loved ones in their final hour. It also helps the mourning process for the whole family as they are more in touch than if their parent or grandparent were in a healthcare facility.

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