When Do You Need to Take Children to a Dentist in Clinton Maryland


Parents need to take care of every small problem that affects their children. Some discomforts are not handled well even by adults like dental issues. Tooth aches for example can be very discomforting and unnerving. While adults can at least take painkillers and tolerate the pain, when it comes to children, there is no choice left. Children are more open to infections, and things can aggravate quickly. That is why at the certain onset of a simple problem, make sure that you take your child to a Dentist in Clinton Maryland. Children are afraid of visiting dentists, but make sure that you comfort them and convince them to visit one before things get worse. Your child might be suffering from any dental problem, and parents always are not aware of the exact cause. It is only upon visiting a dentist that they will be able to determine the exact cause.

Following are some of the dental issues that your child might be suffering from and which needs a dentist’s visit:

Tooth decay– This is a common problem that can affect your child aged between 5 to 11. Tooth decay is caused due to the presence of certain bacteria in the mouth. There is a sticky buildup in the mouth called plaque which accumulates on the teeth. On coming in contact with certain food, plaque can cause acid formation that starts eating away the enamel of the tooth. The plaque being sticky keeps the acid in constant contact with the surface of the tooth, gradually decaying the same. Children intake a lot of cookies, candies and fruit juice that contribute to the plaque build up. Regular brushing habits twice a day and visit to the dentist can be helpful in dealing with the problem.

Bad breath– Bead breath can affect anyone irrespective of age. However, if your child has bad breath, then as parents, you need to dig a little deeper. There can be other underlying medical causes too. The condition is termed as Halitosis which is a result caused due to bacteria that is present in the mouth. These bacteria thrives on fluid, leftover food and plaque. As they eat, the production of hydrogen sulphide lives a bad smell in the mouth. If the bad breath persists in your child’s mouth throughout the day, even after brushing, there can be other serious issues like poor oral hygiene or digestive problems or even diabetes. Seeing a Dentist in Clinton Maryland is surely helpful.

Gingivitis– Commonly known as gum disease, this leads to inflammation in the gum tissue. Poor dental hygiene is often the culprit and leads to tartar and plaque buildup. This if left untreated over a long time can lead to tooth loss. Plaque and tartar starts affecting the gums as it proceeds. If you see that your child’s gums are red and swollen, then it can be a cause of concern. There can be blood while flossing. Hence, see a dentist without much delay.

Baby tooth is not lost– In certain children, the baby tooth does not fall off and the permanent underneath tooth erupts in the same place. So, there is two teeth existing in the space that us for one. Such issues needs to be handled at the earliest before they become something serious. Over retained teeth can lead to serious dental problems that can also lead to cavities.

Other than these, there can be other dental issues that can be troubling your child. As parents, take the initiative and take your child for a dentist’s visit at the earliest.

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