What are teeth cavities? And how are they treated?


Teeth are an important part of our body that help us in chewing food. They add confidence to our personality and a sign of happiness in a person. It is right of everyone to wear a good smile and a beautiful look. A strong tooth is a great asset to our body. It plays many significant roles in our lives. Not only do they chew the food but also help in digestion along with assist in talking. It gives shape to the lower portion of our face. Sometimes we look or feel something strange in our tooth. It may be a black spot in our tooth and having a sensation in it. In that case, drinking something chilled or hot both has become problematic for us. This black spot is a cavity in the tooth. If it is not treated then it starts spreading from one tooth to another and in this way many teeth are affected by it. For dental treatment, we have to go to the dentist.

A dentist is also known by the name of a dental surgeon, has a specialization in dentistry. They diagnose the oral problem and work to prevent them by treating it properly.  They are the doctors who take care of the oral health of their patients. They treat them and restore their oral health. With the help of the internet, you can also have a facility to discuss your oral problem online through different dental websites like estetica dental Barcelona. You can take an appointment with the dentist online.   They have different kinds of equipment act as their supporting aids. A dentist generally identifies tooth decay by:

  • They ask their patients about tooth pain and sensitivity.
  • They ask their patients to open the mouth and check teeth
  • They check the soft area of the mouth by using variant instruments.
  • In a case when a cavity is not seen outside, the dentist finds it by using an x-ray.

There are three types of cavities in a mouth

  1. Smooth surface: That was found between two teeth.
  2. Pit: A cavity found in mid of the tooth.
  3. Root: This type of cavity is detected by X-ray.

Regular dental check-ups can find the cavity in your teeth and maintain oral health. The most serious problems can stop through these check-ups. As soon as you start to care, the chances of decay and its progression decrease. When the cavity is in its primary stage and it gets treatment then the patient does not suffer from pain and also any extensive treatment.

The treatment of a cavity depends on its condition. The importance of teeth really matters for our personality, confidence, and face structure. Oral health affects visual appearance positively and attracts others towards your smile. Hence it is essential for each individual to take care of their oral health. You are suggested to go to the dentist regularly and protect your teeth from any type of cavity.

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