The Many Things That Kunzea Ambigua Can Offer


Kunzea Ambigua (poverty bush or tick bush) is a plant native in Australia, particularly in Tasmania. It can distinctly be identified by its small white flower during spring. Its popular with gardening since it has a natural use. Just have it in your home and you can kiss those insects goodbye from your home. Although undeniably its a really good insect repellent, its actually offers something more.

Apparently the plant actually has some pretty solid medicinal properties. Surprisingly it’s not just good at driving insects away because if it will be prepared as an essential oil or it can be an ointment that has a variety of effects that depends on the way that you use it. But of course, it’s still a good thing to keep the Kunzea plant in your home (just to keep the insects out).

Kunzea oil: Oil or ointment is prepared in a tropical passion. It can be applied directly to the skin. Since it’s in oil, the effects will remain and its medicinal properties will penetrate the skin better. It’s a good pain reliever with an anti-inflammatory effect. As you know painkillers with anti-inflammatory effects have been known to be bad for your kidneys long term. Since Kunzea oil is all-natural that wouldn’t be a problem.

Kunzea essential oil: Kunzea essential oils are prepared in a much-concentrated fashion, unlike oil or ointment. It ‘s meant to be incorporated in liquid or diluted to be inhaled. Its aromatic, earthy and smelling it will remind you of Tasmania for sure. Its effects are very different since it offers a relaxing effect that helps one be calm and relaxed.

What is the dosage? There really isn’t any known dosage, it’s only advised to be applied as needed since there are no known side effects from its application. But if you happen to be allergic to flowers and pollen you might want to consider asking experts if it’s indeed safe for you to try one. After all, the aim of using Kunzea oil and essential oils isn’t just to experience Its effects but also to be safe while using it.

The chinese and most Asian countries have been known to use medicinal plants widely, but it’s also present in various countries including Australia. One of those plants is called Kunzea Ambigua, a plant that needs to be a staple in every home since it keeps the insects away. But when it’s used differently its effects will vary as well. Fort starters, if its made as an oil its use external and has anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving properties. If it’s made as an essential oil its an effective calming agent. For the best kunzea & pure essential oil online, check out the link.

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