The Best Options You Have For Correcting Misaligned Teeth And Jaws


One of the most joyous moments that you or your loved one can experience is having their smile restored by correcting misaligned teeth and jaws. There are several causes of wrongly aligned teeth and jaws, including genetics, accidents and injuries, thumb-sucking, and lack of proper dental hygiene. Fortunately, you can check out an Aurora orthodontist to get such a situation rectified. The information you will gather from this article will direct you to the best options you have when getting treatment for crooked teeth and jaws.

Correctional Surgery

This is, by far, the most effective method to deal with crooked teeth and jaws. That is because surgery allows an orthodontist to operate on your mouth and make the necessary adjustments in a theater. Positive results are almost guaranteed with this type of procedure, and you or your loved one can get their smile back. Nonetheless, such surgery may cost you a substantial amount if the misalignment of withers teeth or jaws or both is severe. This is why it is advisable to get comprehensive health insurance to help cover such expenses.

Use Of Invisalign

The other name for Invisalign is clear aligners. These are transparent trays customized to fit your needs, depending on the size of your teeth. The main benefits of Invisalign are that they are hard to notice by other people because they are transparent, and they are not attached to the teeth, making it easy to remove them whenever you want. Nonetheless, regardless of the freedom to remove and wear them at any time, professionals in the dental sector recommend that you wear these clear aligners for at least 22 hours every day. You can only remove them when brushing your teeth and during mealtime.

Teeth Extraction

Extraction of teeth as a treatment for malocclusion is common in cases where overcrowded teeth cause misalignment. This happens when you have a small mouth to accommodate many teeth. Nonetheless, this procedure is only done when inevitable, especially when you have issues taking a bite or smiling due to the overcrowded mouth. In other instances, you would be surprised to learn that dentists try to avoid extracting healthy teeth as much as possible. Alternatively, they find different ways to reposition the overcrowded teeth instead of removing them.

Wearing Braces

The use of braces to reposition crooked teeth and jaws has been there for a while. It is the most common of all the treatments in this category, and it augers well with different people, especially kids with malocclusions. Lingual braces have gained popularity over the last few years. Although they are similar to the traditional metal braces, they are hard to notice because you wear them on the backside of your teeth.

Proper hygiene care is unavoidable if you want to maintain a healthy mouth and always wear a shining smile. Misaligned teeth and jaws can be a nuisance, especially when smiling and eating. One of the best preventative measures is to embrace regular visits to your dentist. The earlier they notice the misalignment, the better your chances of getting the appropriate treatment

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