Sexually Transmitted Diseases: Facts That Can Tell the Truth About Your Condition



The sexually transmitted diseases are very common for the people who are sexually active & these can easily pass from one person to another without any issue. This sexual contact that we are talking about can be categorized into three levels that include the normal way i.e., vagina & penis penetration, next is oral which includes making any sexual contact using the mouth and last includes the insertion of the penis inside the rectum which is commonly called as the oral sex. So, when a person is involved in these activities, they can easily catch the infection and get the symptoms sooner or later. The experts even say that sexually transmitted diseases can get transmitted by just exchanging the fluids that are discharged from the genitals like vaginal discharge or semen.

In addition, there are likely chances that the STDs can pass on from an infected mother to her baby in the womb or during the delivery. This would be a non-sexual way of transmitting these diseases to another human being. You can even take the case of drug addicts who transmit the disease to others by sharing the hypodermic needles that can easily carry the infection from an infected area to the skin of the other.

What is STI?

Now, we have one more concept that people find confusing i.e., STI. This is the same as that of STDs. It is a sexually transmitted infection & people don’t notice it in the initial period. We can say that they usually don’t understand the changes they find in their skin or body. So, it is hard for them to know whether they have the infection or not and this can be confirmed with a test that helps the patient to get a clear insight into the issue.

If we talk about it in technical terms, we can say that a decade ago both STDs and STIs used to fall under the same category of venereal diseases. We can make the difference between these two with the example that STI includes infection that is caused because of germs, bacteria, or viruses. So, the person with STI can either have the symptoms or not. They can’t even tell that they are infected with this condition.

On the other hand, when a person is diagnosed with STD, it implies that the infection has caused some severe health issues or we can say diseases that are the source of chronic pain, discomfort, stress, or dysfunction of the genitals. Your body simply starts to tell you that there is a major issue that is causing all their trouble & you need to take proper medical consultation before anything else goes wrong. If you feel confused, you can search for the Los Angeles STD test center and visit there to get yourself tested for it. They shall provide you with accurate results within the set time frame and let you know about your next step.

Another difference that can be marked by us is that STD covers just a few infections that can turn the situation aggressive & cause serious medical issues, on the other hand, STI covers the whole list of infections that are caused by the contact.

Concept of HIV & STD

We can say that HIV is STI in the initial stage which implies that it can stay unnoticed inside the human body for a long time. Sometimes a person knows about it only when HIV has already turned into AIDS. And we call AIDS an STD because the infection has crossed its initial phase and turned into a life-threatening disease.

Moreover, we can say that when a person is infected with sexually transmitted diseases, he is likely at a higher risk of contracting HIV and when the infection runs into the blood, it can lead to AIDS. This journey can be very quick in some cases when a person has a very low immune strength but in some cases, it takes a long-time span to turn HIV infection into AIDS.

We cannot calculate the approximate conversion time but all we can say is that a person should take good care of himself or herself to stay protected from STDs. You can visit the nearby Los Angeles STD test center to book a test for this infection. They shall take your sample and give you the right results without any delay.

Lastly, it is important to say that STD cannot be detected at an early stage because the symptoms stay unnoticed but, in case you feel that slight symptom in your body, you should never ignore it. As the experts have mentioned Prevention is better than cure, the same is the case with this kind of disease. You have to prevent it before you plan for the cure.


We can conclude here by saying that it is important for sexually active people to get tested for STDs & make sure that they go for proper consultation to take care of it before it turns the situation worse. In case your test is negative, it is great but, in case you are positive for the infection, then you have to be strong, take the doctor’s advice & make sure that you follow the complete protocol as suggested by the higher authorities.

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