Most Common Physiotherapy Treatments You Should Know


When it comes to physiotherapy, this non-invasive treatment is becoming a common trend in the medical world. Although nothing can compare to medications and surgeries when it comes to dealing with certain health conditions and injuries, those who are looking for non-invasive options can surely prefer physiotherapy. It includes different types of treatments and techniques. That’s why it is important that you know what to expect before you set an appointment with physiotherapy york.

Cryotherapy and Heat Therapy

Professional athletes or those who sit for long hours while at work will usually deal with sore and stiff muscles. And for these complaints, patients can benefit from the heat and cold application to the affected areas. Cryotherapy is done using an ice pack application or maybe an ice massage. Heat therapy on the other hand may include paraffin wax or hot packs.


This is the most modern physiotherapy technique that can help with various injuries. This form of treatment uses electrical stimulation by attaching electrodes to the skin. And because of this, the electrodes will cause the muscles to shorten and help prevent atrophy. This technique is best used in patients who are dealing with paralysis or have severely reduced range of motion. Also, electrotherapy can be used with laser and ultrasound therapy.

Kinesio Taping

If you are watching sports events, you will notice some athletes using colorful or neon tapes to certain parts of their bodies. The Kinesio tapes can be applied directly to the skin. It is one great way to stabilize the joints and muscles while the patient is still undergoing treatment. With the tapes’ flexibility, it will not interfere with range of motion exercises. That is why this is one of the perfect tools used when flexing or stretching muscles.

Range of Motion Exercises (ROM)

During the first stages of treatment for recovery, rest is often prescribed especially for broken bones or after surgery. But you have to remember that extended periods of immobility can slow down the healing process. That is why physiotherapists will advise you to undergo a range of motion (ROM) exercises. This can help promote movement and improve joint mobility. By moving, the affected joints and muscles can prevent muscle atrophy and other postural problems.

Soft Tissue Mobilization

The soft tissue mobilization treatment is also known as therapeutic massage. It can help relax the muscles and reduce swelling in the affected areas. That is why this is the best physiotherapy treatment if you are dealing with pain due to athletic injuries. This therapeutic massage can boost blood circulation and lymph flow. Thus, it reduces tissue swelling.

Therapeutic Ultrasound

Ultrasound may not seem like a common method for physiotherapy, it is still very effective for doctors to use the sound waves to treat certain injuries. The ultrasound frequency can help provide a gentle method to target damaged tissues using soft beams. The sound waves stimulate and are being absorbed by the tendons, fascia, and ligaments. Therapeutic ultrasound can be very helpful for patients with arthritis, muscle strain, and tendonitis.

Now that you know the common physiotherapy techniques and treatments used for various situations, which do you think is the most appropriate for your condition? If you are not sure, it is best that you give your physiotherapist a clear description of your problem to ensure that you are getting the right treatment.

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