Knee Brace – Is it Right for You?


Knee braces, especially stiffer ones, are usually sold directly through your doctor’s office, your local health care company, or through specialized sources such as prosthetics and orthopedics companies.

These sources provide direct continuity of treatment, ensuring that the patient receives proper restraint, fit and follow-up. The patient benefits from an insurance company to help cover the costs of these sometimes expensive devices.

However, there is a growing demand for other sales channels of this type of knee orthoses. Due to changes in healthcare, many of these devices are non-returnable. The increase in franchises has also made many of these products unaffordable for consumers.

There is a wealth of information on the Internet about the best knee brace, anklets and back supports. There are thousands of websites to choose from. Consumers are looking online to save money on these expensive devices and there is a lot of confusion as to where to buy these braces and whether it is safe to buy them online.

Remember that these are medical devices and they have a medical purpose. Choosing a knee brace without the intervention of a doctor or without the advice of a therapist or other healthcare professional can put you at risk of injury or simply get the wrong knee brace.

There is nothing wrong with buying a knee brace online, as well as ankle, wrist and back braces. While the companies that sell these products online cannot and should not recommend a corset for you, they should have the basic knowledge to help you find the right corset for your condition.

There are a few tips you can and shouldn’t do when searching the internet for such specialty braces.

1) If you are unable to talk to someone on the other side, leave. If you have an answering machine, you can be sure that the company has neither the time nor the resources to help you.

2) If you can’t find an address or phone number, stay away. If there is a PO Box to answer, you can be sure that this is not a real company, but an individual selling online.

3) Check your website credentials. How long have they been around, BBB ratings, Google Trusted Store and other awards that tell the consumer that the company has a good track record.

4) Check the site structure. Is it organized for easy navigation, or does it seem like it was launched in a day, with poor images, no product information, and no customer reviews?

The rules and regulations may apply to other online companies as well, but when it comes to medical products such as ice pack for knee, neck collars, and back supports, it is wise to look for companies that can help you choose a knee brace. Adequate considering the number of products found on the Internet.

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