Health Benefits of CBN in Cannabis


CBN or cannabinol refers to a minor cannabinoid that usually develops as a product of Tetrahydrocannabinol  (THC) degradation such that when THC oxides it tends to convert to CBN. In particular, when aging or harvested cannabis plants are exposed to oxygen, light, and heat for an extended period, THC starts to disintegrate. As part of the conversion, a metabolite of CBN is formed. Read the guide below to understand the benefits of CBN.

Sedative capabilities

High CBN products help to promote relaxation effects in the body. That means CBN might assist with sleep, not due to its effect but, its ability to amplify the sleep-inducing effects of THC. Therefore, its sedative capabilities might help scientists modify CBN as a powerful sleep aid to help patients suffering from insomnia or other sleeping disorders.

Glaucoma therapy

CBN might assist in minimizing intraocular pressure, one of the major risk factors of glaucoma. Also, research indicates that CBN capsules can help protect the neurons found at the back of the eye.

Bone and skin healing

CBN might activate stem cells to assist in making new bone cells. It can also help to heal fractured bones and minimize bone loss. Further, CBN capsules assist in minimizing the overgrowth of skin cells. Therefore, it has increased interest among scientists as they consider using it as a potential compound for treating osteoporosis.


Although THC and CBD remain the most potent options used for anti-convulsant healing, CBN has similar capabilities. That makes it a promising option that epilepsy patients can use to manage their symptoms.

Appetite stimulant

CBN has been found to stimulate appetite, an idea that is contrary to CBD, which has appetite-suppressing impacts. That makes CBN capsules a therapeutic choice to increase appetite among people who find it challenging to maintain their appetite.

Pain relief

Capsaicin is one of the compounds found in chili peppers, and manufacturers use it as an active ingredient in most pain relievers and topical creams. In human beings, the nerves that are sensitive to capsaicin help in perception and pain signaling. However, research indicates that CBN influences the activities of the neurons that are sensitive to capsaicin. Therefore, one might use CBN for pain relief.

The unique benefits of CBN are highly impactful. However, researchers need to undertake more research to understand the effects of CBN on the body and ways it can be used as an effective and safe therapy for skin healing, sleep problems, and glaucoma therapy.

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