Dr. Curtis Cripe’s Contribution as a Neuro Engineer and Behavioral Medicine Specialist


Currently, Curtis Cripe practices neuroengineering at NTL Group which is situated in a district of Phoenix in Arizona, U.S.A. Dr. Cripe has entered in the field of behavioral medicine after a flourishing engineering career in which he helped in arranging at the Jet Propulsion Laboratory, the major Mars landing and skillful software improvement for Defense Department projects.

Understanding the career graph of Dr. Curtis Cripe

As far as the academic activities of Dr. Curtis Cripe are concerned, it spans several disciplines that comprises of the below mentioned ones:

  • Neuro-Engineering: It is a discipline which comes under biomedical engineering that uses engineering techniques to understand, repair, enhance, or replace or else exploit the properties of neural systems.
  • Aerospace Engineering: This field of engineering basically deals with the development of aircraft and spacecraft. It has two important corresponding branches that include aeronautical engineering and astronautical engineering
  • Psychology: It basically deals with the study of the human mind and its utilities, mainly those affecting behavior in a specific situation.
  • Programming: It is the process of writing computer programs.
  • Software Development: It is the process of computer programming, documenting, bug fixing and testing, included in generating and keeping frameworks and applications resulting in a software product.
  • Psycho Physiology: This discipline primarily studies the connection between psychological and physiological phenomena. Physiology also deals with cells, structures, memories.

These are some of the disciplines in which he has mastered. Besides all these, he has also gained knowledge in other disciplines such as addiction recovery, brain injury, and child neurodevelopment.

Dr. Cripe has established the Crossroads Institute and directed the management and technical efforts of more than twelve places in across seven states. Crossroads Institute uses the revolutionary telemedicine brain training delivery methods and Internet management. He has neuro-development platforms and neuro-engineered joint cognitive restoration dedicated to helping children with changing disorders, for instance autism, ADD/ADHD, and other learning inabilities and programs for adults with a diverse choice of psychological brain activity complications such as addiction and traumatic brain injury.

Crossroads Institute has assisted a large number of children with autism, and learning issues, other developmental postponements, in addition to adults with depression, anxiety, PTSD, head injuries and substance abuse regardless of location and remoteness.

As of now, Dr. Curtis Cripe is Development Director and Science Research of NTL Group and leads the team on brain repair and cognitive for head injury, addiction, and developmental delays. Curtis has been able to successfully develop an integrated development, cognitive rehabilitation, cognitive repair training program which is aimed at adolescent and adult brain recovery and brain development for traumatic brain injury, addiction recovery, in addition to autistic and developmentally delayed kids. The integrated program comprises of language development, auditory processing, conceptualization development and repair and cortical maturation.

Before working in behavior medicine, Dr. Cripe has served as a systems engineer at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory where he contributed to outer space planetary investigation assignments. He has also worked in software development at Department of Defense contractor TRW, Inc.

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