Can I Quit the Drinking Alone?


Adolescence is a very vulnerable and sensitive period of life. Above all, here are felt the consequences, if any, of negative parenting, neglect of children in upbringing, ie poor care for children with the most common psychological and physical violence. This period is considered the most risky when it comes to addictions.

The child at puberty becomes physically stronger, can oppose the parent or any other authority, but does not even remotely reach a psychological maturity that would protect him from the negative challenges of life, especially from the world of substances that can be abused.

It is found that children, who have doses of drugs or start drinking, often face constant events of boredom, emptiness, depression and elevated anxiety in their life. So if your child or any beloved one is addicted to any drugs or alcohol then you should contact Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre near you.

Why does the alcoholic return to drinking?

Not being able to stop drinking at any time is a most common symptom of alcohol addiction. Drinking always begins voluntarily, but as time goes on, it is not so easy to give up the pleasure. Even consequences such as debt, job loss, family breakdown or health do not matter. The alcoholic associates abstinence with something sad rather than good. Therefore, even if he has experienced all the negative effects of alcoholism in his own life, has been treated in a drug rehabilitation center, entering the path of sobriety after many difficult months of therapy is never a guarantee that he will not return to drinking. He will be put to the test until the end of his days, whether an occasion, someone he knows or some trigger will not make him stop and he will reach for alcohol again.One day he may also find that he is not benefiting from the fact that he is sober and still only has to renounce something.

How do I get used to drinking?

For primary abstainers to drink or not to drink is a different dilemma than for an addicted person. It is much more difficult for an alcoholic to get used to drinking, because it is associated not only with relaxation, but also with pleasure and joy. Alcohol gives the illusion of happiness in which to live. Artificially makes life more pleasant, masks negative emotions. Short periods of abstinence are no solution.

When looking for an idea on how to get used to drinking, you can search for many, even mundane, reasons.

Take back control of your own life

Certainly quitting drinking every now and then and proving to the world that alcohol addiction is not your problem will not get you anywhere, either. You’re cheating on others and yourself because you’re actually secretly counting down until you drink again. Therefore, it is not worth letting the day reach, but finding professional support as soon as possible. You cannot stop your alcoholism by yourself, but with the help of Alcohol Rehabilitation Centre in Mumbai and people who have had similar experiences, you always increase your chances to give up on alcohol.

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