Adults Acne – Causes and How to Treat It


Acnes are no-fun! It doesn’t look good and it’s uncomfortable to have one!And unfortunately for some of us, acne doesn’t end once we passed our teenage years. Acne is not just about going through puberty, but it’s about managing lifestyle long-term, even until you have matured well into adulthood. Here are some of the common causes for adult acnes and how to treat them.

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Your skincare products

Just because it says “all-natural”, “organic”, “dermatology-tested”, and all that, doesn’t mean it will suit your skin. One of the most common reasons why adults get acne is because they changed their skincare products. After years of using one brand, they found a good promotion on a different brand and decided to try it. And that’s when the outbreaks begin to happen.

Appreciate the uniqueness of your skin. You don’t have to use the brand that is going viral or everyone else is using. Find the brand that suits you best. Take the time to know the ingredients of the product, and not just blindly trusting what their social media is saying about their product. Good skincare products are not always expensive. Sometimes, the brands that will suit your skin best would be the ones you find at a regular retail store or supermarket.

Your diet

Oily and fatty foodsvc contribute to adult acnes. Snacking on chips and fried foods all the time sounds okay and comforting for the taste buds and the happiness of the soul. However, an imbalanced diet can trigger adult acnes. Some people get acnes more when they consume certain foods, like peanuts or chocolate. For most people, they get acnes if they consume too much fat in their diet.

Aim for a more balanced diet. Mix in carbs with some protein with a lot of fiber. Sure, you can indulge in fries and desserts on weekends, but try not to consume junk food every day. Set your cheat day and stick to it. Always remind yourself that a healthy diet will lead to a healthier skin, and a healthier skin means less acnes.

Your sleeping routines

Pulling regular all-nighters might be a contributing factor to your acnes. There are many people who would start to see an acne or two if they lack of sleep. Usually, if they only do it for a night in the week, it won’t affect them as much. But if the busyness continues, getting acnes can be a sure thing for some. Sleeping well matters. When you get enough sleep, your body can have a better metabolism, it has enough time to rest and not be stressed (we will talk more about this in the next point).

Try to get at least 7-8 hours of sleep every night. And not just sleep, but good quality beauty sleep — the kind that makes you restful on the next morning. Why “beauty”? Because a good sleep contributes to a healthier skin. You can use scented candles and play some calming ocean breeze in the background to help you improve your sleep.

Your stress level

This is a no-brainer. Yes, of course your stress level will affect your skin. Stress brings so many bad impacts to your body, including your skin. Let’s look at your working hours and your workload. Have you been struggling with work-life balance and constantly worrying about something? The pressure that you’re constantly feeling is not good for your skin.

Learn to manage your stress better. Maybe try to exercise regularly to release all those tensions and frustrations. Go to a yoga class on a weekly basis to remind you to breathe in positivity and breathe out happiness. Don’t overwork yourself in the weekends, make sure you take time to enjoy some time off. Again, sleep is also important to help you not be stressed as well. Acnes come when you have a lot of stress in your body. So, if you manage your stress well, you will see great improvements to your skin. Remember: less stress means less acnes!

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