4 Ways To Prep Your Home for Post-surgery Recovery


If you have an upcoming surgery planned that will require some recovery time at home, it is important that you prepare your house well in advance of your homecoming. Here are some simple things you can do to ensure that your at-home recovery goes smoothly.

Hire a Caretaker

Even if you don’t think your recovery will be rough, it is still a good idea to be proactive and hire home nursing care Floral Park NY to assist you during the first couple of days. These types of services can do things like administer medication and even help prepare food for you. Even if you have a friend or loved one to take care of you, give them a little break and let a professional help too.

Meal Prep

Make some meals ahead of time that you (or your caretaker) can easily pop into the microwave or the oven. You may not feel like eating for the first few days of recovery, but it is important to be prepared for when you do. Cook things that freeze well and are relatively healthy so you can get back to feeling your best ASAP.

Do a Deep Clean

If you are able, give your home a deep clean before your surgery date. If you cannot perform physical activity, consider hiring a maid service that can help make your house tidy. Coming home to a clean and sanitized environment after surgery is crucial to your recovery, so no matter who does the work, ensure that the cleaning gets done before you arrive home to relax.

Good Lighting and Air Circulation

If your house is facing the direction of the rising sun, that is very good because you can benefit from the morning sun. Besides being good for health, it can also reduce the humidity in your room.

You can take advantage of the wide windows to get the benefits of optimal air circulation. In addition, the use of lighting in the house must also be maximized so that it does not look dark or dim.

Also make sure the air circulation is functioning properly to prevent your house from being stuffy and congested. By maximizing the use of air vents such as windows, you can also save on the use of air conditioning.

Those are 5 ways you can do so that your minimalist home can look wide and comfortable. Make sure you are diligent in cleaning the house so that the house can feel comfortable and beautiful.

Surgery recovery can be tough, but it can be made a bit easier if you have prepared in advance. Use these simple tips to prepare for your homecoming and you won’t have to worry about anything aside from getting better.

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