4 Types of Procedures That Help Relieve Back Pain


Back pain is a problem for many people as a result of specific traumas or accumulated injuries. While your back pain may be very difficult to treat using over-the-counter medications and supplies, there may be more formal procedures that you could try. Consider a few common methods of pain management Jacksonville FL.

1. Introduce Medication 

There are several ways health care providers can supply medication for back pain that cannot be accomplished at home. For example, some doctors may recommend an intrathecal pump that is surgically implanted and can give you regular doses of a certain medication. Additionally, your source of pain may benefit from injections of steroids or anesthetics.

2. Block Nerves

When physicians block nerves, the goal is often not to keep them blocked forever but to relieve pain long enough to do what is necessary to take action against the true source of the pain. The nerves that are blocked may be specific or they may be a group of nerves located at your spine.

3. Eliminate Specific Nerve Endings

In addition to blocking nerves, some providers may decide that it is best to get rid of certain nerves altogether. This can be accomplished using radio frequency ablation.

4. Repair Collapsed Vertebrae

A final type of procedure that may help alleviate back pain is known as a kyphoplasty. This is a surgery that can repair vertebrae in your spine that have collapsed. Doctors achieve this by using air inside of surgical balloons to open the space that is now collapsed.

Your current back pain may keep you from doing many of the activities you used to enjoy. While procedures do not always eliminate pain entirely, they may decrease it to a manageable level that gives you more control over your life. Consider consulting with a medical professional to find out whether you would be a candidate for a pain management procedure.

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