4 Diet Tips for Anyone with Ceramic Braces


Ceramic or white braces are an excellent way of straightening your misaligned teeth. Unlike their conventional metal counterparts, these devices are invisible and will improve your overall look. Like other braces, ceramic braces work by exerting pressure on your teeth to position them into the desired pattern.

However, how you care for your braces determine their success. And there are restrictions when it comes to food choices. Some food types can stain your teeth and braces, leading to an undesirable look.

What are the best foods for ceramic braces?

You want the right diet for optimal dental and overall health. Consume plenty of soft fruits to help maintain the right shape and color. These include bananas, avocados and vegetables such as kale and spinach. Other foods like potatoes, vegetables and fish are also great for clear braces.

But your method of consumption matters; for example, use a fork and knife for the meats, stakes and chicken. Avoid big bites that can leave large food particles in your brackets. If you’re a coffee or tea lover, substitute this with hot chocolate.

What are the types of foods to avoid when having braces?

1. Tea& Coffee

Avoid or coffee and coffer to maintain cleaner and clear teeth and braces. Regular consumption of tea and coffee can stain your teeth and braces, leading to discoloration. If you must take coffee or tea, limit the amounts and remove the braces before drinking the beverage. Moreover, rinse immediately with warm water after taking the drink.

2. Curry

Curry is delicious, and you probably love it in your food. But it might not be the best spice when it comes to your teeth and braces. Curry is a blend of different spices that can stain your teeth and braces. One of its major components is turmeric, which will turn your braces yellowish. This may not be noticeable at first but will worsen over time.

3. Avoid red-colored foods& drinks.

Limit your consumption of red-colored foods and drinks like red wine, tomato sauce or pastes. Although fruits are healthy, they will stain your braces and should be avoided. These include oranges, beets, pomegranates and berries. Colored foods and drinks can stain your braces, and the blemishes will be very noticeable since the clear braces feature a transparent plastic material.

4. Smoking

Smoking affects your oral health and can stain your teeth permanently. This is even worse when wearing ceramic braces because it will stain your braces and teeth, and the stains will be evident even after removing the braces. Again, smoking decreases your ability to fight tooth decay, making you susceptible to multiple oral issues. When you smoke cigarettes, your ceramic braces will overtime turn yellowish due to the nicotine present in cigarettes.

Final thoughts

Braces are an effective solution for correcting crooked teeth, and ceramic types are quite popular. They work in simple ways to enhance your looks and employ a series of brackets on your front teeth. Attend all your appointments and discuss your diet with your doctor. Some foods can stain your teeth, leaving unsightly spots on both your braces and teeth.

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