Diet Disasters

Diet Disasters

There are a few diet disasters that dieters need to avoid. The first diet disaster is not eating enough food throughout the day. It is a misconception that long periods without food will help to shed unwanted pounds. When you go for a long period without any food it will cause a dip in your blood sugar which will lead to food binges and increased cravings. Besides, people who try to do a long period of food deprivation will find that it is impossible to sustain.

The next food disaster is believing that there is a quick fix by choosing weight-loss supplements or fancy exercise machines. There is no quick fix when losing weight and it is just a matter of making better food choices and performing simple exercises such as walking or swimming. Do not be misled with promises of fast weight loss with little or no effort.

Finally, make sure that you do not allow your family and friends to tempt you with poor choices. Sometimes they will worry that you are going to avoid family activities such as a meal together at a favorite restaurant. Let them know that you are still on board for these activities but you will stick to your diet.

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The Mysterious Green Beetle 

The Mysterious Green Beetle 

Is this the most sexy thing that you can think of – blisters?

Well that’s what Spanish fly relies on to get your sexy time going.

Cantharidin is part of the leg joints of a type of beetle that is crushed up to make the dust that is part of the so called ‘Spanish Fly’. It’s not a fly – and if you apply it to any body part it’s going to hurt.

Or give you a pleasant warming feeling, depending on how much you actually apply. Of course the crushed beetle can be added to drinks, but blister beetles are not only very attractive – they can be deadly, and they’re only renowned for their effect on men.

So gents – don’t even bother to add it to a young lady’s drink – it simply doesn’t work.

Believe it or not Cantharidin has been used to remove warts or even tattoos – it isn’t effective as a sexual stimulant. In men, if taken orally it can irritate the urethra – so you may get a mild sort of tingling in your nether regions as it’s excreted.

In larger doses an erection will result – a long lasting one. The down side is that the use can result in death.

This is why most of the Spanish Fly Romance Helper that you buy only contains very small portion of the actual ingredient. An erection that lasts days is not fun at all and may require medical intervention.

Unless you think that a scalpel and a trip to an emergency room is your idea of a romantic night Spanish Fly (or crushed up beetle bodies) is not for you.

Oh – and it doesn’t work on women – leave it alone and stick to a great meal and being a gentleman.

Top 3 Natural Home Remedies to Erase Cellulites

Top 3 Natural Home Remedies to Erase Cellulites

Cellulites are one of the worst beauty problems majority of women suffer from these days. The mere sight of ugly cellulites that form on the thighs are just unbearable for many women. You can remedy the problem by trying out these natural homemade remedies!

The Causes of Cellulites

The formation of cellulite may be attributed to the following factors:

  • slow metabolism
  • fad diets
  • unhealthy diet
  • inadequate water intake
  • poor circulation
  • reduced production of collagen

With all these causes, it becomes easier to find solutions to get rid of cellulites permanently. Instead of undergoing expensive cellulite treatments, you may want to check out these natural remedies first!

  • Detox

The free floating fat cells that form cellulites can be eliminated by way of body detox. You may use natural supplements such as spirulina, chlorella, and wheat grass to remove harmful toxins and melt fat cells altogether. Detoxing also entails enforcing a healthier diet. The addition of natural, raw, and unprocessed foods are integral if you want for those cellulites to go away fro good. Lessen the intake of refined grains, junk foods, and processed foods to ensure that you are reducing the production of fat stores in the body.

  • Increased Fluid Intake

Dehydration is one of the main causes of cellulite production. When the cells do not receive adequate amounts of fluids, the skin looks more disheveled and aged. The increase in water intake smoothens the skin and gives it a natural healthy glow!

  • Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar boasts minerals and other nutrients that melt away fats through detox. Fluid retention is treated by way of drinking water infused with two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar. You may also use this solution externally through direct application to cellulites.


The Top 5 Reasons why you should Buy Dedicated Server Hosting for Minecraft

The Top 5 Reasons why you should Buy Dedicated Server Hosting for Minecraft

As the name implies, a dedicated Minecraft server is that which offers exclusive and dedicated minecraft hosting services for one owner. It is not shared with anybody, and will be used exclusively according to the terms made by the owner of the server.

There are many advantages to purchasing a dedicated server for Minecraft players. Some of the benefits include higher performance, server stability, and security to name a few.

One of the greatest advantages of purchasing or leasing a dedicated server for Minecraft is that of flexibility. A host or administrator will have full control over the platform. The owner will have the final decision on making power over matters that are related to operating system and hardware.

Dedicated servers are perfect for Minecraft multiplayer gamers as they can accommodate larger amounts of traffic and still has the ability to operate at its fullest even during peak hours or seasons. Dedicated servers are perfect for Minecraft gamers who do not have the money to setup their own data center.

  • When making a decision on what type of server to purchase, you need to carefully analyze your requirements and those of the other players you wish to include on your team. Never go for the first option that you see online. You need to make a thorough research on the matter to arrive at a sensible and cost effective decision.
  • If you choose to buy a dedicated server, you are given the chance of taking a dedicated IP address. Having a dedicated IP address will give you more administrative control on the server and its unique identity as well.
  • Dedicated servers are known to be more reliable than shared hosting sites or local server networks that run on desktop computers. Since you are the only hosts operating on a server, you will enjoy maximum “uptime” and faster loading experience which can result in lower downtime or poor performance.
  • Since you will not be sharing your bandwidth with anybody else, rest assured that resources you need will always be accessible and available to you!
  • Dedicated servers promise the highest level security among its users. A dedicated server host provides access to all resources available on the server, with low security threat on the date or information saved by players and administrators. Dedicated servers typically operated with security settings and patches that run regular updates to protect information as well as reducing the chances of security breach.
The Top Three DIY Bathroom Decoration Ideas

The Top Three DIY Bathroom Decoration Ideas

Whether you’ve moved into your own place for the first time or you’ve been on your own for years, you should try to give your bathroom a nice, appealing look. Decorating your bathroom is easier and more affordable than you might think. Just give these simple bathroom vanity ideas a try.

1. Create Your Own Romantic Lighting

If you’re in a relationship, you might want to make your bathroom feel romantic every now and again. While you could light a few candles, you could also try taking things to the next level. Place tealight candles in a jar and hang them on your walls. Your bathroom will look like something out of a romance novel. Just make sure you take the candles out of the jars when you are done!

2. Make Your Own Artwork

If you want to add some art to your walls, you don’t need to go to the store. Instead, you can make some art yourself. You don’t need to be an artist to make attractive art. You could simple print up a fun quote in a nice font, then put it in a picture frame. It’ll make your bathroom look like a lot of fun.

3. Create Beautiful Storage Containers

Storage is always an issue in bathrooms. Make sure that your storage solutions are visually pleasing. Try spray painting some mason jars and placing a few different items inside of them. You can use the jars to store a variety of different items.

If you want to add some style to your home, why not start with your bathroom? It is an easy room to decorate, especially if you are working within a strict budget. You can get a beautiful-looking bathroom for a very low price. In fact, you can try out some of these ideas without spending money at all! Or take advantage of some DIY bathroom decorating tips available online.

More ways to waste your time

More ways to waste your time

We have just added an interactive crossword puzzle to the site. You will notice that the crossword page sports a new look. This is a basic draft of the redesign that is in the works. Keep watching for more sections to move to the new look. Let me know what you think of the new color scheme and layout. For all you Web 2.0 nerds out there, the new layout is based on CSS instead of “Table Hell ©.”

Let’s steal everything in site

Let’s steal everything in site

USA Today redesigned (as anyone who has been to their site will no doubt have noticed). Talk about reader interactivity! Gone is the five-refer skybox, replaced with a rotating reader comment. Also new is a login/new account space at the upper right-hand corner. You can still get to everything with the colorful boxes (i.e. sports, travel, etc.), but they’re just elegantly tucked away. Want to tab between headlines and the On Deadline blog? That’s a breeze and you don’t even have to scroll down to get there.

I’m not so big on the fact that the site still makes you scroll down quite a way at the home page to find everything. As you scroll down, everything makes sense, but I still feel a little overwhelmed, like there’s just too much stuff to digest at once. I rarely scroll down more than one page’s worth unless I’m reading a story. I don’t like scrolling down to navigate.

That’s why books were invented, to overcome the deficiencies of scrolls. But here we still are.

Science in the lab

Science in the lab

A multipurpose thought: We talk a lot about finding ways to do what readers want, to do the job they’ve hired us for, etc. I’m all for giving people what the want, so long as it is what they *really* want. But how to get at that.

Here’s one possibility: The researcher Norman Li has used an economic model (a game theory kind of thing, in this case) to look into people’s priorities in mate selection. His study can be found at,%20200….

I think this technique could be extended to finding out what more about what readers want, too…

OK, almost everything

OK, almost everything

On second thought, there is one thing I DO NOT LIKE about USA Today’s new site, which is that to leave comments, you have to register. So if you want to leave a comment that says that having to register to comment stinks, you have to register first.

I don’t mind sites that ask you to register to access *all* content, but I intensely mind sites that use registration as a carrot. I guess I prefer all or nothing. But maybe that’s an unfair whine, because I expect that at some point, we’ll ask people to register to use our site.

Well, the reader in me isn’t always the same person as the editor…

The ultimate local search tool

The ultimate local search tool

Google has such an elegant interface – only about a dozen things to click on at its home page, and of course, just the one place to type in what you’re looking for. What would be awesomely excellent, I think, would be a local google, with the same simple interface, where you could just type in, say, Kiehl’s, and get results for where you can buy their lotion in the Valley.

Trying to find a product like that the old-fashioned way is annoying and frustrating, even if you like to shop (and I do like hunting for things). Somebody left a comment on my blog once, claiming that just about anything could be found in the area. I think that’s – let me think of a polite way to say this – very hard to believe. But if it is true, a local google would be just the ticket for getting connected to the product you’re wishing for.

It seems to me that advertisers/businesses would need to contribute to the database that would be behind that kind of tool. Or maybe there’s a better way?